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What Tests are Recommended for Your Senior Dog?

Just like in human medicine, dogs should receive certain health screening as they age. We offer specific tests to ensure that your dog is healthy, as well as identifying chronic diseases early. These tests may include the following:
Complete Blood Count (CBC) - this test helps assess the functions of the bone marrow, and helps in the diagnosis of cancer, infection, anemia, and bleeding problems.
Serum Chemistry Panel - this profile consists of a series of tests revealing organ system function, liver, kidneys, and pancreas. Most serum chemistry profiles also include tests that measure blood sugar (looking for diabetes), cholesterol, and minerals like calcium and potassium.
Urinalysis - a urine sample is checked foR evidence of infection and to help assess kidney function.
Fecal analysis - a sample of stool is processed and examined under the microscope for evidence of intestinal parasites, unusual bacteria, and blood.

Additional testing may be recommended based on your dog's individual needs. X-Rays, blood pressure measurement, or thyroid test can be some of them.

Let us work together to make your dog's senior years the best they can be.