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What You Can do at Home to Make Your Senior Dog More Comfortable

GOOD NUTRITION: Feed your dog a geriatric pet food that is specially formulated with low fat and high quality protein.
FOR THE EYES: Plug in the night-lights where your senior dog walks at night and avoid rearranging your furniture. Many geriatric dogs have weakening vision without the owner even noticing.
HEARING: Make yourself heard by stomping your foot on the floor once when you walk into a room. Just as old age can diminish vision, it can affect hearing as well.
EASE ARTHRITIS PAIN: Raise your dog's food and water dish off the floor to his shoulder level and supply him with a bed that is padded evenly and/or heated. Ask us for information on recently developed pain and anti-inflammatory medications that can make your dog feel more comfortable.

Let us work together to make your dog's senior years the best they can be.